20's Plenty for Burton



Our First Meeting - Planning the Campaign


Our first meeting took place on Wednesday 7th March, and was held at the village school.


6 concerned mums came together, led by campaign Chairman, Sally Noble.  The meeting was also attended by PCSO's Jess Bullock and Jayne Park for Cumbria Police, and Vic Brown, Liberal Democrat Campaigner for Burton and Holme.


The purpose of the meeting was to identify the principle issues to be considered in any campaign, and to develop ideas of the way in which the campaign should be taken forward.


There are a number of safety issues, affecting the village community as well as the school.  These include :-


* A small number of vehicles that persistently speed - evidenced by the recent speed check monitor, and the experiences of those present

* The dangers due to the narrowness of pavements, particularly on Main Street

* Problems due to double parking outside the school at drop off and pick up times

* The difficulty of finding a safe cross over point from the school to the village hall car park

* The lack of a 'no-parking' drop off zone

* The added dangers arising from similar drop off times for the school and pre-school play group.


The group agreed to develop a campaign strategy, using the framework available from 20's Plenty.


Those present agreed to set up a working party, under the Chairmanship of Sally Noble.  A representative will be sought from Burton Parish Council.    The Community Police are able to support aspects of the campaign and asked to be kept informed of developments.  They also requested that any incidents ( such as were mentioned) should be reported ( using the new 101 call service).  This helps establish the extent of the problem, which might not otherwise be the case.