20's Plenty for Burton


Burton Main Street was built for the horse and cart - not for modern motor vehicles.  In places, it lacks pavements, and on-street parking adds to the dangers.


The present speed limit in the village is 30mph, except for a short stretch south of the village, which is 40mph.





Our aim is for Total 20 throughout the village, without traffic calming and we hope to encourage the surrounding villages and towns to have their own 20's Plenty groups.


To start to bring about a public discussion about how we share our streets we are aiming to collect signatures for a petition which we will present to Cumbria County Council when we have reached 1000 Burton resident names. If they will not support it Cumbria-wide, then we hope they will be prepared to pilot it within South Lakeland, with the support of the Lib Dem controlled District Council.


We also aim to raise awareness of the issues through joint working with Cumbria Police, and local school children.  The intention is is not promote the heavy-handed approach, but to encourage social responsibility.


We will also explore ways in which the traffic situation can be made safer.  This will include safety training for school children; measures to promote safer dropping off and collection of children; measures to make crossing the road easier; and action to repair or replace the present non-working school warning signs.


We all also engage with all public and community based organisations to obtain support for our campaign, and to identify funds to meet the costs of an advisory signing scheme.


Our Aims ...